Learn .Net Core using C# With Code Examples


Whether you are a student or a professional developer, finding the right development platform to invest time and energy in is not only critical but also complex given the plethora of languages stack, development frameworks and application models to target.

In this 2-days workshop, Usman ur Rehman Ahmed will discuss how .NET Standard & .NET Core are standardizing development across Desktop, Cloud, IoT & Client Platforms while achieving platform independency.


Familiarity with C# using any app model (Form based application, WPF, MVC, etc.)

Major Areas to Discuss:

Day 1: (Duration 2-Hours)

  1. A brief History of .NET
  2. Evolution of .NET Application Models
  3. Portable Class Libraries – Live Code Examples
  4. A closer look at BCLs & the issues with .NET Today – via Code Examples
  5. Why .NET Standard & .NET Core are the way to Go?
  6. Q&A Session

Day 2: (Duration 2-Hours)

  1. .NET Core Roadmap
  2. Targeting various App Models using .Net Core – Code Examples
  3. Q&A Session

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